We set new standards as general planners

Make sure that you can put ideas into practice

….with know how and innovation

Planning and consulting for commercial and industrial construction

planwerk elbe GmbH is a competent, high-performance and innovative planning office for commercial, administrative and industrial construction.

The company is located in Hamburg (northern Germany) since 1980.

Our team includes architects, constructional and technical engineers.

We do constructing, designing, planning, controlling and site surveying.

In addition we have special expertise in environmental protection and advise you in handling toxic substances and dangerous materials.

planwerk elbe is your partner from project begin until realization and finish.

Our customers include, for example, Beiersdorf, Nivea, Dr. Weigert, Albis, Airbus, ChemTrend or Schülke & Meyr.

Our planning areas

Planning of industrial and commercial enterprises
New buildings, offices, conversions, factories, operational buildings, workshops, refrigerated storage buildings, warehouses and hazardous goods storage
Handling areas, filling areas, infrastructure, parking lots
Supply and disposal measures in the area of land drainage, energy and emission protection
Planning of structural fire concepts and explosion protection measures
Water protection and hazard prevention from water-polluting and flammable substances

Our Services

  • Building Design
  • Architecture / Design
  • Engineering Structures
  • Design of structural engineering / statics
  • Electrical design
  • Building physics
  • Fire protection
  • Facility management
  • Project Management
  • Safety and Health Coordinator
  • according to construction site regulations
  • Special services with support of our network partners from the Ingenieurwerk

Professional services available from a single source

Our membership of, and having our main offices in, INGENIEURWERK enables us to offer a wide range of different services, close interaction and a rapid transfer of information.
The principal benefits from this by saving time and money.

Architects & structural engineering services
Equipping buildings with technical equipment
Factory and warehousing logistics
Water treatment & waste water purification
Corporate environmental protection & plant safety
Chemical product service
Health and Safety at work